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The Eagle: Set of 6 Posters

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Like humans, eagles like to enjoy themselves. Once they have eaten and fed their offspring, one may take a little tidbit of food, like a chunk of seal meat or salmon, and fly away with two or three eagles chasing behind. Sometimes it will drop the meat from about 200 feet and another eagle will swoop underneath and catch it midair. Then the chase starts all over until the eagle drops the meat and another eagle catches it right before it hits the water.

America's proud history proves that only the strong can be free and to remain strong we must be vigilant, innovative and productive. No nation can survive without powerful symbols and high ideals. Calvin Coolidge once said that "there is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal." America's image is forever linked to the Bald Eagle, the majestic bird that the entire world looks up to. As William Blake wrote in 1790, "When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head."

The only obstacle to flying more efficiently is the air. Yet, if the air were withdrawn and the eagle were to fly in a vacuum, it would instantly fall to the ground. The very element that offers the resistance to flying is at the same time the condition of flight.

The same principle - that obstacles are conditions of success -- holds true in human life. A life free of all obstacles would reduce all possibilities to zero. As eagle overcome the law of gravity by stretching their wings, we can overcome life's obstacles by stretching our abilities.

When young eagles spread their wings for the first time, a current of air may pass over their feathers, creating a vacuum under the wing. The resulting force will gently lift the startled bird who will quickly fold its wings and drop down into the nest. At first, the eaglets will hop up and down, exercising their wing muscles; then they will manage to fly from one side of the nest to another, then hop out to a branch and fly back to the nest. This process may take as long as a week.

To motivate their offspring to fly, a parent may bring food back to the nest, display it in midair, and continue the flight to a tree near the nest. After a few encouraging calls from the parent, the hungry eaglet will soon move to the edge of the nest, spread its wings and fall forward into flight.

The top diving speed of a Bald Eagle can exceed 100 mph. When migrating, eagles cruise between 35 and 45 mph. The most energy-consuming form of flight is hovering. Immature eagles invest up to 500 percent more time and energy flying and searching for food than adults. Their flying power and speed is equal to, or better than, the adults', but their hunting abilities are not yet fully developed.

The image of the white-headed eagle is an enthusiastic expression of American ideals. Our forefathers adopted the Bald Eagle as a symbol of freedom, independence and power. In 1782 Clarence Thomson, secretary of Congress, developed the first rendering of the Great Seal of the United States.

The eagle is a powerful image that has captured the imagination of every new generation of Americans. To the immigrant, it has become a sign of welcome; to those who serve their country, a symbol of pride; to all who work on the frontiers of progress, a sign of encouragement.

The eagle poster collection:
Inspired by the bestselling book The Eagle: America's Inspiration, the eagle poster collection combines striking action photography of the bald eagle in its natural habitat with inspirational quotes from people who soared above the rest. Reward top achievers or inspire your whole team with these magnificent posters printed on high-quality paper and laminated for beauty and durability.

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